Sunday, May 18, 2014

Time will Heal.

They said time will heal.
But I couldn't find anytime that heals.

What plays on my mind,
That I've been acting blind.

It is not that I don't want,
I just can't take it one by one.

I used to be strong,
But it didn't last long.

What has happened to the 'They said about time' ?
That I think they lied.

Is it fair if one be happy,
And the other suffers ?

And I always ponder,
As it goes year by year.

I even ask myself to;
Forget the past and face the blue.

Then I said no matter what you hold.
Always believe that miracle is gold.


As I just can't even forget about things happened,
Eventhough it has been 3 years......

I am still waiting the prove about time,
Please show to me because I'm dying waiting.

I had seek for help,
To the other.

That I just want a single laugh,
A single smile,
At least a giggle enough.

Then I realize no one could...
No one would..

The month that I started to live.
Is the month that my heart died.
By the month of my own....

I am still waiting.

For time to heal.

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