Friday, June 6, 2014

I breathe.

I am still thinking.
What's the reason I'm still here.
What's the need of being loved.
What's the purpose to love.

I am still wondering.
Does it have to be hurt.
Does it gives a smile.
Does it makes you cry.

Close the eyes.
And imagine beyond the heart.

That it gives you flower above your pain.
Gives you laugh above your sorrow.
Gives you dream above your reality.
Gives you sugar above your bitter.
Gives you courage above your hardship.
Gives you strength above your weakness.
Gives you spirit above your emptiness.
Gives you light above your darkness.
Gives you what you really needed above your wanted.
Gives you everything.
That everything is finally completed.

You are the star in my heart.
You are the reason that I breathe.

And the reason I'm here.

With you.

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