Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Greatest Gift That I Met You.

Whenever I had that on my mind,
I tried to cross you in the line.
Why should I keep thinking about it anyway,
While I have you along my day.

Stand with me for I am strong,
Our journey is still so long.
Grab me, Honey if I ever fall,
I'll hug you tight I give it all.

I won't look back to the meaningless vain,
And don't want to sit and feel the pain.
I look to what we have today,
That makes me happy without a pay.

You are the greatest gift for me this year,
I will keep you without any fear.
Stay with me together forever,
I want you to know I love you, My Dear.

Listen to my heart whatever it takes.
Happy Birthday to your little cupcakes =)

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