Monday, September 14, 2009


If I had wings,
I would fly far, far away to a land,
where there is no pain and sorrow,
but only love.
I would leave the maddening crowd,
where people are only after power and wealth,
where people forgot how to be a human.

Life always hurt,
It is like being stabbed mercilessly,
will the door ever open to me?
Or I will be locked forever in a different world?
Those who love me, those who hate me?
Too many questions rush through my head,
but they remain unanswered.

I am no important person,
and no important person's child,
and the other half would wish
I had never been born.
I am stuck in someone else dreams.

Life is one hard thing to think,
realizing that my life has already mapped out.
and so, i live my life,
fulfilling my missions,
achieving my potential,
I just have to walk through the path,
that has been laid out for me.......


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